economicsOne of the purposes of this website is to educate the public about money. It is not intended to offer financial advice or to make a profit from investment advice. This is a non-prophet site and you are not allowed to donate finances to this website. It is simply meant to provide an overview of the history of money and how money actually works. This website covers conspiracies that exist inside of global economics. I purposely left out a lot of financial calculations, jargon, and terminology that make studying economics boring and tedious. Instead, we deal with ways money has been manipulated and how people have been scammed in the past when they buy into some of the propaganda. In order to achieve these goals, we talk about the mechanics of money and how money really works.

We also cover economics from a correct biblical point of view. We talk about the effects of wrong interpretations concerning biblical prophecy and how that can lead to a wrong view concerning money. We also cover how scripture is being used in some cases to manipulate and rob the finances of individuals. This scripture is taken out of context and you will get the true perspective here. We also talk about things the Bible actually says about money. We cover the errors found in the teaching of the tithe and the prosperity gospel. This site also goes into great detail about the bondage found in legalism.

We will also cover the basics of hermeneutics and give a historical background for the origin of scripture. We also provide many free resources and links to further your study. The goal is for you to reach your own conclusions using some of the free tools provided. We also give a defense of biblical scripture and briefly cover basic bible apologetics. We dive into biblical prophecy in great detail and we cover the origin of man. The reason why we cover all of these subjects is that these are the topics that church leaders have used over the decades to beat up the body of Christ. These are the topics that are abused and scripture is far to often taken out of context to manipulate believers.

We strongly believe the bible is the Word of God. The problem is many bible-believing Christians have taken the scriptures out of context using flawed hermeneutics. This results in traditions being added to a belief system. These traditions are forced on many and Church leaders expect many to accept them and practice them. Many of these things the early church never believed. This website is an attempt to set the record straight.

Biblical Views and World Economics is a result of my personal research regarding world economics and the Bible. I have spent over 4 years researching world economics and I have spent countless hours researching biblical text. I also own another blog that talks about Iraq’s currency. It goes into detail about an investment scam that has caused much speculation and covers just some of the people who misrepresent the Iraqi dinar. This is one of many investment scams that target Christians. This website is called Iraq Currency Watch.

Portions of this site are still under construction!

Portions of this site are still being developed. There is a lot of information on here already but it is really only about 25 percent complete. be sure to sign up for email subscriptions and receive notifications when new sections are added or completed


The views expressed on BVAWE are my own interpretations of videos, news organizations,  government documents, and world government documents found on the world-wide-web. None of the information shared or discussed is classified and it does not contain any government secrets. Everything discussed is available in public domains and is researched. I typically supply links in all my blog posts to give a source for something I am trying to convey. The links supplied are only a small fraction of what I have looked up to and what is available on the internet. I strongly suggest that people do their own research regarding economics and do not take my word for the information found on this Website. Links are supplied to point you in the right direction. I accept no liability for the views expressed and declare them a matter of my own personal opinion. My opinion is subject to change if new information surfaces that I am not aware of.

I do not make any money from Iraq Currency Watch or Biblical Views and World Economics. Any advertisements you see are placed there by WordPress in an effort to gain some compensation for hosting the site.

I do not personally know anyone holding any government office, or other government offices around the world. I am not a banker nor do I work for a financial institution. I am not an investment adviser nor do I hold a license for such a practice. All information I have on world governments was obtained using the internet. I do not represent any political leader or political party, and I am not affiliated in any way with any political website.

Any tax advice is only my opinion and may not comply with the actual law that is written. Tax laws change to frequently for me to keep up with them. Therefore I strongly suggest you find a qualified tax professional when the time comes to pay taxes from any of your investments. For this reason, any tax information found on this site is not meant to be console.

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