Just Where Did The Bible Come From?

open_bibleOver the years I had several people approach me and try to debate the validity of the bible with me. I did not seek these people out, they engaged me in an effort to shame me for believing in what they considered to be fairy tales and myths. Some of these people have even been family members.

The typical question I always get is this, How can you trust a book that was written 2,000 years ago by a group of men? The frequency of this question surprises me and it is painfully obvious that this has come from someone’s talking points. It is also obvious that this question is always asked in ignorance. If they knew where the bible actually came from they would not such an ignorant question.

My response is always the same. I first ask them if they have ever read the bible, The answer to that is usually no, although some have claimed they have. I press the ones that claim they have read the bible for more information. I want to know their opinion about certain things I find in scripture. Eventually they admit they know little about a book they so harshly judge.

scrolls2At that point I begin to explain that the bible is not one book, but many books. The bible is a collection of books. This collection contains 66 books that were written over a period of 2100 years, on three different continents, with about fourty different authors, in three different languages. I break it down further. I talk about time periods for certain books and go into details on history. I talk about Rome and the rise of the church. Then I talk about how all the books were gathered together in the fourth century AD for what we know as the bible today. It was not written 2,000 years ago!

By the time I am done the person that asked the question is staring at me with eyes glazed over trying to absorb the information, It is at that point I have a certain look in my face with a matching body expression that says ask me another question! I dare you, I DARE YOU!

You see the reason for such a question was to make me look like an idiot and to mock me for my belief in scripture. Here are people who know little about scripture and they want to make fun of me for putting my faith in what I strongly consider to be God’s word. A lot of times these critics have not thought their actions through. Then every once in a while I will get one brave soul that asks yet another question. Why do we need so many different versions anyway? I think to myself, ok you asked for it.

deadseascrollI respond by going into the history of the persecuted church and talk about how the scriptures use to be in latin only. The Catholic church outlawed translations in other languages. Then I go into details about the different translations in germany during the 15 century and the Gutenberg press. I talk about those who were martyred for the translations they made and how many reformist fled England during the reign of Bloody Mary. No not the drink, the tyrant ruler who wanted to return England back to Roman Catholic rule. Then from there we get into the Geneva version of 1560 and then the King James version of 1611. I talk about the people involved in the process of these translations and give reasons for them. I go into details about manuscripts and scholars.

By now their eyes are really glazed over and there I am with my body expression which is saying, ask me another question! I dare you! I DARE YOU!

7q5Every once in a while one very brave soul will ask me yet another question. Some people never learn. What proof do you have?! It is at that point I begin to explain what the dead sea scrolls are and from there I go into biblical archeology,  I also explain the thousands of fragments that were found like Magdalen papyrus, Fragment 7Q5, Fragment P52, and other writings from the early church fathers. I talk about the way written recorded church history coincides with early Roman records.

Of course by this time they realize they have bitten off more than they can chew and I have never received a fourth question from any of these people. What started out as an attempt to shame me for my beliefs has turned into them realizing they don’t know much about the bible and they don’t have the full picture. The main reaction I get is TMI overload. (Too Much Information)

MagdalenAbout a month ago I am watching a History Channel propaganda piece called Mankind The Story of Us. I have learned a long time ago that it is not wise to get my theology from the History Channel. They always come up with the strangest stuff. But they said something during the course of this series that I could not ignore. This statement not only offended me, but the stupidity of it was more than I could personally bare. During one of the episodes they claimed that the bible was written in Babylon.

No No No! How could they say something so blatantly stupid! I think I was mad because I knew that a lot of people would hear that dribble and think it was from a credible source. It was at that time that I decided to write an apologetics section on this website for the bible as a whole. This is not a defense for any topic in the bible but rather the book as a whole. I will explain were it came from and supply resources so people could gather information on their own. This is how it breaks down.

Bible Origins

This page breaks down where the bible came from and it even talks about some of the books that were not included in the bible. If you have ever wondered how the bible came to be and why it is reliable then this section is for you


This page provides free resources for anyone who wants to read or study scripture. Included in these resources are commentaries, dictionaries, concordances, and study guides. early church writings, and other books that did not make it into the bible are also included for you to read. Everything is free!

Biblical History

This page covers 2,000 years of church history. It also covers traditions that were added to the church in later years. It gives you many important archeological discoveries that back up the stories that are told in the bible.

Proof for Moses

This section talks about myths regarding Moses and the children of Israel while they were in Egypt. We also cover possible locations for Mount Sinai and the Red Sea Crossing.